About Boyd & Allister series 

The Boyd & Allister series is the first series in one of our neighboring cities: Santa Fe, NM. For this series we will be working out of the wood shop of Boyd and Allister along with help from Squashblossom for sourcing produce.

We first came across Boyd & Allister because a friend had came to a Wild Leaven bakery series dinner, then came again with another friend who soon told her friends to come. One of those people was Jonathan Boyd, a co creator of Boyd & Allister. We got to talking about things and it came up that we were looking for a space for a Santa Fe dinner series and Jonathan suggested we come see his space. Immediately after seeing the space and the work out of it and how it matched our same aesthetics and visions we knew we had found our space. Shortly after, Jonathan introduced us to Nina, a good friend of his who is the heart of a project called squash blossom. What she is doing is amazing because she is helping food grown in the area to be more accessible to the general public while helping give farmers a more steady stream of income. 

We can't wait to work closer with both of these amazing people. You can get more information on both through the links on our page, please take a second to check them out.