Each dinner is done in part of a series, built and destroyed for eight/ten people a night, lasting a few hours. .

Each series is inspired by the space in which it is held, and what's going on around us, because of both of these no two dinners are the same. 

Each month on the 15th at 8am Mtn time we will release dates for the following month. If one is signed to our newsletter we will send out a reminder that same morning.   

Each ticket is all inclusive, meaning everything is paid for ahead of time, food, drinks, service, etc. Tickets are non-refundable. If unable to make it after obtaining a ticket, the ticket can be exchanged with another individual. If a ticket is purchased more then four business days prior to the dinner, tickets will be sent out to shipping address provided, tickets purchased less then four days will be held at the event.

If you have any questions concerning dietary restrictions or aversions including alcohol, please include them on the information page upon the ticket purchase.

Look forward to cooking for you!