About the Wild Leaven Bakery Series



The Wild leaven series is the first series in the home town of Johnny's Taos NM after a seven years of absence. The project is based on exploring the indigenous, wild and native foods and traditions of where we live. Practicing consciousness of not creating waste and using humble and nurturing ingredients, working with friends and family.  

Each dinner is built and destroyed for eight people a night lasting a upwards to three hours, with many small courses, all served on vessels that either we or our friends made, along with a beverage menu to go with the food.

Each ticket is all inclusive, this means everything is paid for ahead of time, food, drinks, service, etc.

The Wild Leaven Bakery, which is now one year old is amazing. They use a lot of mostly local grains and everything wild leaved. When I first met Andre, the owner, we immediately hit it off, talking about wild plants and different fermentation methods. It only made sense that this would be the first space.

We're honored to be able to share a space with him.