/ Shed

Verb : to set apart, to resist being affected by, to cast off or let fall off by natural process to promote new growth.

/ : indicates a new idea, something that is an offshoot of what has come before.

/ Shed is a small scale semi nomadic, endemic plant based dinner project celebrating nature and the fleeting of time here in Northern New Mexico. An exploration of the land we inhabit and the roots of growing up in the high desert. Carrying on the tradition of bringing people together through food.

We started / Shed because we wanted to be more connected to all that makes up a dinner. Involving ourselves in each step of the process. From growing and picking the food to making the ceramIcs.

We are constantly learning and being inspired. We are honored to be able to share all of this as we continue to learn and grow, thank you for following along.  



Reservations become available every 15th of the month for the following month opening up at 8am MTN time. 

Each ticket is all inclusive and non-refundable, reserved on a first come first serve bases. If unable to make it after obtaining a ticket, the ticket can be gifted to a friend. If we are all sold out on a specific date you'd like to attend, send us an email and we can add you to a waiting list. 

If a ticket is purchased four business days prior to the dinner, tickets will be sent out to the shipping address provided through USPS, tickets purchased less then four days will be held at the event.


Each dinner is built and destroyed for eight/ten people a night, lasting upwards of three/four hours, spontaneous even to us, sometimes finalizing dishes just before dinner. Because of this if you have any allergies or restrictions please include such requests while obtaining a ticket. 

Dinner is served in various small courses. We serve wild ingredients from the surrounding area and encourage everyone to try everything possible. We mostly serve things only in small quantities and always of very high quality that are sourced ethically and humanely. 


There is this magic of doing things the way our ancestors did them. A way of connecting to these people and times that are slipping from our lives. Most of the ceramics we use are made by us from clay we dug and processed using minimal modern technology. Primarily micaceous clay dug from the same place Johnny's past relatives dug from. Pit fired using primarily cedar from the woods near by. 


We do things inline with the way they used to be done in Northern New Mexico, following the seasons and being inspired be the fleeting nature of mother earth. 

We use endemic ingredients that tell a story about where we live, and the people that came before us, mostly picked or grown by us. Keeping a diversity of plants and animals, primarily landrace, grown with the intention of continuing the inherent knowledge held in food over years of growing, picked with the intention of preserving the life energy. If it wasn't grown or harvested by us, it is found near us by friends or others who also provide food with integrity.


/ Shed is put on by Johnny Ortiz  with the help of a rotating team of friends and family.



We reside in La Madera NM at Owl peak farm. Although the project is semi permanent, we are slowly becoming more stationary. The majority of dinners will be held at the farm. Directions can be found here.   


Each ticket purchase is supporting / Shed in allowing us to do what we do on a regular basis, to explore, grow, learn and to share. 


E-mail: Sheddinnerprojects@gmail.com
Telephone: 575-770-7940
Post: P.O. Box 631 | La Madera NM 87539

Instagram: @Shed_project