Chokola is an extraordinary, small scale chocolate shop located in the heart of down town in the historic plaza here in Taos NM. Their focused on using the best ingredients with a complete respect of the process, crafting all of their chocolates in house, from start to finish. 

The Chokola series will be a chance for us to leave our comfort zones and to cook with ingredients that we normally don't use, mixing chocolate into both sweet and savory courses. While doing this series we will also be sticking to our focus on wild and native food plants.

Each dinner will be built for eight people a night, with multiple courses, all served on vessels that either we or our friends made, along with a beverage menu to go with the food, composed of various beverages both alcoholic and non alcoholic. 

We can't wait to work closer with this amazing group of people. You can get more information on both through the links on our page, please take a second to check them out.