Mill Valley Series 

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The first series of / Shed project. It had turned out far beyond our expectations. It was all done out of our house in Mill Valley, California. We was at a point where I wanted to start exploring our own creativities and this was the first step towards that. We were inspired by the wild beauties of northern California, the wonderful people we had met, and everything around us. We wanted to create an environment that was true of ourselfs; driven from an inspired place by honoring the process. By being present, working on each step, working within our community of friends: passionate craftspeople, farmers whom' we knew, and drawing from the music that inspired us.

There were only eight seat a night, allowing us to create an intimate connection to every one who joined us. Most of what we used we made from scratch or with the help from friends, everything from the plates, to the table, to the collecting of the food. The service ware was very important to us. We had a huge helping hand from Carole Neilson, an incredibly talented and inspiring ceramicist, who we made all of the service-ware together with.

It was one of the hardest and most exciting things we had been able to do.