We are excited to hold a / Shed series in this wonderful space!

This series is a little different then the rest in the regards that this particular one will be held outside, assuming weather permits, and we invite anyone who comes to bring camping supplies to camp over night. 

About the Mill House

The Mill House is an ongoing story. 

During a past life a functional, water-powered mill inhabited the property. The Mill House has since been transformed primarily into a living space, that to this day houses the historical treasures that were once functional pieces of the mill - the wheel, cellar gears and a millstone, to name a few. 

The Mill House has been home to a number of creative individuals over the past decade and holds a reputation among many. Currently inhabited by four women, it serves not only as a lovely residence, but also a space that welcomes a breath of creative projects and events including: dinner parties, sound & spoken performances, writing workshops, critique groups and visual arts exhibitions. 

In the secluded country outside the Nambé Reservation, The Mill House is located on a small river with a lovely acequia running through the property. There are two living quarters, one of which houses an open kitchen and living area; two large fire pits; many evolving gardens coming into fruition; and an artist studio that concurrently functions as a live performance event space.