One week in

As of today our Kickstarter project has been up for one week. Since then we have raised over a quarter of our goal. Thank you anyone who has helped us to get to this point.

 The next three weeks we will be a push to get all the service ware finished along with all the other small details, one of which is our hand pressed menus and tickets. Today we stopped by Aesthetic Union to scan some typeface. The Aesthetic Union is a beautiful letterpress print shop that specializes in custom work and original editions here in San Francisco. We can't wait to see the finished products. If you are unfamiliar with the shop, you should take a second to check them out. 

It's been amazing to see the support of our friends and of friends who we have made along the way in all the steps of the project so far. We look forward to all the connections we make with people who we are yet to meet.

If you are interested in our project please help spread the word and or connect with us. We'd love to hear from you.