May 22 | Dinner No. 9 | Taos NM

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May 22 | Dinner No. 9 | Taos NM


Date: May 22 2017  

Quantity: 8

Location: Chokola, 106B Juan Largo lane, Taos NM

Time: We welcome you to join between 6:00 and 6:30 for a pre dinner drink and to explore the space. Dinner starts at 6:30. 

Dress: Come as you are. 

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Each dinner is built and destroyed for eight people a night, lasting upwards to three hours. 

If a ticket is purchased four business days prior to the dinner, tickets will be sent out to shipping address provided, tickets purchased closer then four days will be held at the event.

Each ticket is all inclusive, this means everything is paid for ahead of time, food, drinks, service, etc. If unable to make it after obtaining a ticket, the ticket can be used by anyone.

If you have any questions concerning dietary restrictions or aversions, please include them in the ticket purchase. We seek to accommodate wherever possible, however, due to the fleeting nature of our event we are not always able to offer alternate courses for all restrictions.