ecology ( connection ) 

¬ ecology is the connection of living things and their terrain. We tend to forget that we are not separate from, but rather, nature ourselves.

In essence every effort of / shed is creating stronger connections with ourselves and those around us with mother nature.
Each vessel is made by hand of the earth, fired in the earth of Northern New Mexico. Each piece is unique in its entirety.

The earth used is wild micaceous clay hand dug and processed by Johnny Ortiz, from the same land that his ancestors ( of Taos Pueblo ) have dug for thousands of years in the Sangre de Cristo mountains near Taos, NM. The clay is largely made up of silica, mica, rose quartz and sand stone. All pieces are pit fired with mountain red cedar, sanded with sandstone, burnished with a river stone, and cured with elk marrow all from the same terrain.


Northern New Mexico

/ shed


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