ethos ( spirit ) 

( shed ) Verb : to set apart, to resist being affected by, to cast off or let fall off by natural process to promote new growth.

/ : indicates a new idea, something that is an offshoot of what has come before.

¬ ⁄ shed is an ongoing meditation on where we live and are from in Northern New Mexico, a celebration of its terrain and the fleeting of time.

An ecosystem of practices that revolve around small scale intimate dinners that are the fruiting body to the processes practiced that reflect in each of their facets a story of the place we inhabit and those who came before, carrying on the tradition of bringing people together through food.

A blurring of lines between life and work.


Team   •  Johnny Adao Ortiz-Concha / Maida Branch / Kody Mayer / Sonny Goodnight   

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IG     •  @shed_project