¬ intentions ( on parciantes ) 

( Noun ) Parciante: member of the community who participate in the acequia system.

I would like to share a little more of our thoughts behind the membership system we have created called

This membership has been conjured up with the intention to be able to create more transparency and intimacy with all of the practices that surround a / shed dinner, both for ourselves and for you, many of which are vernacular to the culture here in rural New Mexico where we are from and inhabit. It is inspired by the vernacular and ancient practice of acequias, the diverting of river water to flood fields and orchards. Acequias are the lifeblood of our terrain and those who live directly in relationship to it. 

Although as a parciante, you won’t be physically helping with our acequia system ( keeping the acequia clean, et cetera ),but by becoming a parciante you’ll be a participant in the entire / shed ecosystem from afar, and in the same way that acequias are the lifeblood of our culture, parciantes are part of the lifeblood of the / shed culture.

As a parciante you are contributing your energy to the / shed ecosystem and helping make it all possible, and in turn we will be returning the energy by sharing the fruits of our labors with you.

Each member gets access to the entire / shed ecosystem, and also has the opportunity to help support the regeneration and perpetuation of it.

This is a system that works in numbers, the more support we have the more support we can give and create. We whole heartedly appreciate your interest and warmth in our project. Please feel free to sign up or to share this system with like-minded folk with the following link: 


By becoming a parciante ( member ) you’ll have access to the following

access to recuerdos ( remembering )
→ access to mercado ( market )
→ access to reccoleciónes ( dinners )
→ access to noticias ( news )

¬ Recuerdos:
Recuerdos is an ongoing collection of remembering. A way to share a larger scope of what we do with the world without having to put stress on a physical practice or place. An opportunity to share not only the practices but the thoughts and intentions behind everything we do through various media, largely videos of the practices, photos, and word.

¬ Mercado:
We love the process of dreaming and of putting that into physical existence through making. The mercado will include limited goods created by us or like-minded folk made with the same reverence all of / shed embodies.

¬ Reccoleciónes:
/ shed dinners are a sort of ceremony, and prayer. A reverence of nature, our culture, and the practices that build up what makes up a dinner, where each guests is participant.

Each dinner is built and destroyed for a small group of people using primarily wild or feral and endemic plants and animals paired with beverages made in the same ethos, all served on vessels made by Johnny himself.

As nature in the high desert is so fleeting and constantly changing, the food takes on the same spirit, changing each week based on what has the highest energy and flavor at that given moment.

Aside from the excitement of capturing ingredients at their peaks, the food also plays role in the larger ecosystem of keeping the tempo of the season, letting us deepen our connection with our terrain and consequently allowing us to share that reverence with those we cook for.

Tickets for upcoming dinners will only be available for purchase as a / shed parciante.

¬ Noticias:
A specific newsletter for all parciantes.

¬ Siempre ( always )


/ shed


Team   •  Johnny Adao Ortiz-Concha / Maida Branch 

EMAIL  •  sheddinnerprojects@gmail.com  

IG     •  @shed_project