parciantes ( participants ) 


By becoming a “parciante” you are contributing your energy to the / shed ecosystem in the form of a small monthly contribution and helping to make it all possible, and in turn we will be returning the energy by sharing the fruits of our labors with you. As a participant each person gets access to the / shed ecosystem from afar, and also has the opportunity to help support the regeneration and perpetuation of it. 

Form follows intention, and by being parciante you get a deeper look into the intentions behind all we do and access to all the forms. 

( $20 a month / membership / unlimited spots )

As a parciante you will recieve a new password each month on the 15th at 11am MTN via NOTICIAS in your email that will allow you to access all the following: 
    access to recuerdos ( remembering ) 
    access to mercado ( market )
    access to reccoleción ( dinners )
→    access to noticias ( news )


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    annual membership ( for you or a friend )

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( email us if you wish to no longer be a parciante )
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