recolección ( gathering ) 


¬ / shed dinners are a sort of ceremony and prayer. A reverence of nature, our culture, and the practices that build up what makes up a dinner, where each guests is participant.

Each dinner is built and destroyed for a small group of people using primarily wild or feral and endemic plants and animals paired with beverages made in the same ethos, all served on vessels made by Johnny himself.

As nature in the high desert is so fleeting and constantly changing, the food takes on the same spirit, changing each week based on what has the highest energy and flavor at that given moment.

Aside from the excitement of capturing ingredients at their peaks, the food also plays role in the larger ecosystem of keeping the tempo of the season. Recolección also gives us the oppurtunity to bring people together, letting us deepen our connection with our terrain and consequently allowing us to share that reverence with those we cook for. 

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