parciantes ( membership ) 


( Noun ) Parciante: members of the community who participate in the acequia system.

¬ This membership has been conjured up with the intention to be able to create more transparency and intimacy with all of the practices that surround a / shed dinner, both for ourselves and for you. To be witnessed by those near or far. Many of these practices are vernacular to the culture here in rural Northern New Mexico where we are from for generations and continue to inhabit. The name and intention is inspired by the vernacular and ancient practice of acequias, the diverting of river water to flood fields and orchards. Acequias are the lifeblood of our terrain and those who live directly in relationship to it.

In the same way that acequias and their parciantes are the lifeblood of our culture here in northern New Mexico, ‘parciantes’ of / shed are the lifeblood of the / shed ecosystem, helping to support the regeneration and perpetuation of it all.

Although as a / shed parciante, you won’t be physically helping with our acequia system you will be a participant in the entire / shed ecosystem from afar by contributing your energy in the form of small monthly contributions, helping make it all possible, and in turn we will be returning the energy by sharing the fruits of our labors with you, which includes: access to the entire / shed ecosystem ( from here or afar ).

( $20 a month / membership / unlimited spots )

As a parciante you will recieve a new password each month on the 15th at 11am MTN via NOTICIAS in your email that will allow you to access all the following: 
    access to recuerdos ( remembering ) 
    access to mercado ( market )
    access to reccoleción ( dinners )
→    access to noticias ( news )


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    annual membership ( for you or a friend )

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( email us if you wish to no longer be a parciante )
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We whole heartedly appreciate your interest in being a part of our ecosytem by being a ‘parciante’.


Team   •  Johnny Adao Ortiz-Concha / Maida Branch / Kody Mayer / Sonny Goodnight   

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IG     •  @shed_project